LUZ Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a fragrance company located in Japan with more than 20 years of experience.  The creators of "Team LUZ" consists of fragrance planner, designer, evaluator, perfumer, director, and producer.  

Through the years, LUZ has conducted countless research in the art of perfume making and has developed an in-house system to manufacture all products in its own factory. Currently, the company operates three factories, including a laboratory. 

Each product delivered from our factory is specifically created by Team LUZ, which involves our experienced creators to structure the fragrance from scratch to perfection.   

We have created numerous artistic perfumes and will progress our perfume making voyage.   


From Japan to the world.                                                                           

Founder & Executive producer
Tetsu Amada



1998 Starts Perfume business
2001 Establishes LUZ Co.,Ltd.

Starts original brand  “LUZ Fragrance”

The first original perfume “Pink Typhoon” goes on sale

2005 Releases “Two Princess”
2006 Releases “Pink Typhoon Rain”
2007 Opens an in-house labatory (Tokyo Lab)
2008 Releases “Crop”
2011 Opens a cosmetics manufacturing factory in Shizuoka
2016 Releases “Pink Typhoon Eau de parfum
2017 Starts the release of “J-Scent Fragrance Collection”  
2018 Releases “J-Scent perfume Oil”  

Establishes LUZ Fragrance Co., Ltd.in Los Angeles, California, USA

 “Black Leather” (from J-Scent collection) wins Best New Niche Fragrance
Award in Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019


Opens in-house manufacturing factory in Karatsu, Saga

Establishes LUZ Fragrance Italy S.r.l. in Italy

Los Angeles Office

LUZ Fragrance Co., Ltd.
240 Walnut Ave. #2
Arcadia, CA 91007 USA 


Italy Office

LUZ Fragrance Italy S.r.l. 
Vicolo San Michele 15,
21100 Varese  ITALY


Japan Head Office

LUZ Co., Ltd.
TOC Osaki BLDG. 6Fl., 1-6-1, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo, 141-0032 JAPAN
Tel: 81+ (0)3-5437-6390 / Fax:81+(0)3-5437-6391