Artisticperfumery establishment in 1998

Founded in 1998, continuously creating various fragrances ever since...​
A perfumery in Japan that was established in 1998. Led by founder and creator Tetsu Amada, he formed the ragrance creator team "LUZ,” which includes a perfumer, evaluator, planner, designer, director, and producer. As an “Artistic Perfumery,” we manufacture our products with the utmost care, emphasizing our creations with aesthetic sensitivity, passion, and perfection. ​

Currently, we operate three factories, including a laboratory and all  products are manufactured in Japan,delivering them straight from Japan to the world.​

We have created countless original perfumes. ​

One example would be the "J-Scent" collection, which was launched in 2017.  ​

We established a U.S. branch 【 LUZ Fragrance Co., Ltd. 】 in 2019, and started selling our products in the USA.  Followed by our branch in Italy, 【 LUZ Fragrance Italy S.r.l. 】in 2022.​

We have completed the registration process for the EU area and have launched our products in, preparing for a full-scale distribution in other European countries. ​

Our global journey will continue. ​
As we will continue to create many more fragrances that will put a smile on your face.​
Moving toward a more challenging future of perfume making.​

Scent ofJapan captured in a bottle

J-Scent is a perfume collection that draws inspiration from Japanese culture, traditions, nature, and distinctive scents that surround us in our daily lives. It carefully blends the finest Japanese scents in harmony, creating a unique
and captivating fragrance that embodies the beauty of Japan and its four seasons. Enjoy the numerous extraordinary and exquisite scents that stimulate
your senses and trigger your imagination, capturing the beauty and elegance of
Japan in a bottle.

A scenery that you have once seen.
A mesmerizing world with mystical colors.
The power of nature.
The memories are brought to life wearing nostalgia and warmth.
Sometime ago, somewhere, but a new scent ... J-Scent

Beyondthe quest for Scent

J-Scent captures “the scent of Japan” by carefully blending Japanese aesthetics, tradition, culture, nature, and components that surround us in our daily lives with fragrance.

The collection evokes scenes that remain in our memories, sometime ago, somewhere... but as a new scent.

J-Scent; Profound will go further beyond this journey. The quest and discovery for scent continues to evolve into a more immersive fragrance experience.Engulf yourself
into a new journey that will take you...Beyond the quest for Scent.

Long ago, important fragrances were secured in a sacred wooden decorated box. The Profound package is flled with elements inspired by these traditional "treasure box," as an indication that our scents are also deeply precious and holy. The artwork design of the package is a depiction of mitsuda-e oil painting, a famous ancient
painting technique. The outer overlapping box outlines the fold of the kimono and then wraps like paper scrolls used in the olden days. The paper material used for the box is called sato-gami, which is a delicate paper with a soft and warm touch. The color used in "Sacred Animal" being indigo, "Ume Amaretto Oath" being
vermilion, and "Beyond Oblivion" being light green, all Japanese colors representing their respective scents.

The perfume bottle has the same artwork design as the package box, but in a see-through style. To enhance the shininess of the glass, and to make the artwork stand out, we use a special polishing technique. The "Profound" font is in calligraphy which represents Japanese brush-painting.
The spray, which is the same as the J-Scent collection, is the spray with the highest quality spray pump.
The cap, which has a solid and luxurious feel, is a magnet cap.