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J-Scent Global

5 Piece Discovery Set

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Eau De Parfum 
5×2ml / 0.07 fl. oz.

Experience the exceptional world of J-Scent.

◆Discovery Set W01-W05
・W01 - Roasted Green Tea - 2ml
W02 - Agarwood - 2ml
W03 - Rakugan - 2ml
W04 - Hanamizake - 2ml
W05 - Paper Soap - 2ml

◆Discovery Set W06-W10
・W06 - Hydrangea - 2ml
・W07 - Ramune - 2ml
・W08 - Yuzu - 2ml
・W09 - Sumo Wrestler - 2ml
・W10 - Yawahada - 2ml

◆Discovery Set W11-W15
・W11 - Honey & Lemon - 2ml
・W12 - Hanamachi - 2ml
・W13 - Hisui - 2ml
・W14 - Shaft of Light  - 2ml
・W15 - Usubeni - 2ml

◆Discovery Set W16-W19,W21     **Discontinued**
・W16 - Black Leather - 2ml
・W17 - Koiame - 2ml
・W18 - Hakka - 2ml
・W19 - Wood Flake - 2ml
・W21 - Mother of Pearl - 2ml


Alcohol, Fragrance


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W6.30 x D4.33 x H0.98 inches
W0.43 x D0.43 x H2.36 inches

Care Instructions

Store fragrance in a dark, dry place.

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